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The Settlement of the Appalachian Frontier: June 2010

The Settlement of the Appalachian Frontier

Sharing information, stories, and ideas for teaching students about the settlement of the Appalachian Frontier. Focusing on the little-known people and history of Southwestern Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, and Eastern Kentucky.

Location: Nickelsville, Virginia, United States

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"When Courage Was Common"

My second book about the settlement of the Appalachian Frontier is out. Entitled "When Courage Was Common", it was inspired by the tremendous courage our ancestors displayed in coming to America, facing the enormous challenges of living on the frontier, and in answering their call to duty during the French & Indian and Revolutionary Wars. It contains many journals, letters, and other first-person accounts from the Colonial Period. In fact, I have tried to allow our ancestors to tell their own story as much as possible - only interjecting as much narrative as necessary to tie it all together. It is availble from Lulu.com or directly from me at echo@mounet.com or 190 Kilgore Street, Nickelsville, VA 24271
The cost is $20.00 plus $3.00 for shipping.
It is also available from a number of regional vendors, historical parks, etc..

I hope you will get your copy soon and come to appreciate our amazing ancestors even more.

Danny Dixon