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The Settlement of the Appalachian Frontier: November 2008

The Settlement of the Appalachian Frontier

Sharing information, stories, and ideas for teaching students about the settlement of the Appalachian Frontier. Focusing on the little-known people and history of Southwestern Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, and Eastern Kentucky.

Location: Nickelsville, Virginia, United States

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Pathfinders, Pioneers, & Patriots"

I recently completed my long overdue book about the settlement of America's First Frontier - - - The Appalachian Mountain Region of Southwestern Virginia, Northeastern Tennessee, and Eastern Kentucky. This unique book includes a comprehensive historical timeline (to 1800) with many people and events that history has virtually forgotten along side well known events so the reader can easily see the context in which events took place out on the frontier. It also includes many stories, pictures, and primary documents about the facinating people and events that are included in the timeline.

Those interested can obtain a copy by searching for it at Lulu.com or get a signed copy from the author by contacting me at: Danny Dixon, 190 Kilgore Street, Nickelsville, Va. 24271. The cost (including shipping, etc.) is $24.00.