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The Settlement of the Appalachian Frontier: Daniel Boone - A Brief Timeline of His Life

The Settlement of the Appalachian Frontier

Sharing information, stories, and ideas for teaching students about the settlement of the Appalachian Frontier. Focusing on the little-known people and history of Southwestern Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, and Eastern Kentucky.

Location: Nickelsville, Virginia, United States

Monday, December 20, 2004

Daniel Boone - A Brief Timeline of His Life

1734- (11/2) Daniel Boone is born in Oley, Penn. (a Quaker)
1744 –The family moved 5 miles north to a 25 acre tract of land
1750 –When Daniel was 16, his father, Squire leads his family to the Yadkin
River Valley of North Carolina
1755 -He serves as a Teamster to Gen. Braddock’s ill-fated campaign
against the French and Indians. There he meets John Finley and first
hears of the Kentucky territory and Cumberland Gap
- Daniel marries Rebecca Bryan and they move to Eastern Va.
1759 - Daniel moves back to the Yadkin River Valley, in N.Carolina
1760 - Daniel, Nathaniel Gist, and others enter the South Holston R. Valley
on a hunting trip. During the 2nd night, while camped at present day
Abingdon, Va., the party is bothered all night by wolves - which
attack their dogs. Boone gave the area the name Wolfe Hills, which
stayed with it for years.
- “ D. Boon cilled a bar on this tree in the year 1760” (East Tenn.)
1765 – Boone explores the Florida country but it is not to his liking
1766 – Boone moves his family a little West, near present Wilkesboro, N.C.
1767 - Boone’s first recorded trip into S.W. Va.. From Yadkin River
Valley in N.Carolina to Haysi, following the Russell Fork
downstream to the Breaks, skirted the gorge through the site of the
park, then downstream to where the Russell Fork joins with the
Levisa R. to form the Big Sandy. Spent the winter &
returned home in the Spring of 1768.
1769 - Boone’s first trip through Moccasin Gap & Cumberland Gap. (led
by John Finley, also: James Holden, James Mooney, William
Cooley, and John Stewart)(Boone stays 2 years before returning home)
1773 - Daniel & Capt. William Russell meet in the Clinch Valley to
plan a settlement in Kentucky.
- (9/25/73) Boone, his family, and 5 other families depart for Ky.
- Boone’s son (James) and his party are attacked by Indians near Stickleyville in Lee County, and all but a slave and one guide are killed.
- Boone and family return to Castle’s Woods for the winter
1774 - Daniel Boone & Michael Stoner are sent from Castlewood to
Kentucky to warn surveyors of the Indian uprising. (C - Ft.Black -
Cum. Gap - Ky - Falls of Ohio at Louisville, and back again in only
61 days. (over 800 miles) )
1775 - Boone, and over 1200 Cherokees meet at Sycamore Shoals
to negotiate the purchase of a vast area of land in Kentucky (on behalf
of Col. Richard Henderson). (Dragging Canoe refuses to sign and vows a
bloody future)
- Daniel Boone and 30 axemen, blaze the Wilderness Road- through Scott Co. to Ky.
- He founds Boonesboro
1776 – Boone leads the rescue of his daughter Jemima and the Callaway
girls from the Shawnees
1777 - Daniel Boone's last known trip through the S.W. Va. area. Recorded
the killing of a bear in the bark of a beech tree in Big Stone Gap.(tree
still there in 1886)
1778 – In Feb.,Boone and his party are captured by the Shawnee while
making salt. He is held until June. Escapes to warn Boonesboro of an
1779 – Leads a large party of emigrants to Kentucky in Sept. Settles
Boone’s Station, North of Kentucky River
1780 - Daniel participates in an attack on Shawnee Villages in Ohio.
His brother, Edward is killed.
1781 - Boone is elected to the Va. General Assembly
1782 -Daniel and party are taken prisoner by the Shawnees at Blue
Licks. His son, Israel is killed.
1783 -Daniel relocates his family to Limestone, on the Ohio River.
Boone becomes a tavern keeper and surveyor.
1784 –John Filson publishes “The Adventures of Col. Daniel Boon”
1787 –Daniel helps negotiate a prisoner exchange with the Shawnee
-Daniel serves again in the Va. General Assembly
1789 -Daniel and Rebecca relocate to Pt. Pleasant, further up on the
Ohio River.
1791 – Boone wins a contract to supply Western Va. Militia with goods
1792 -A dispute over the supply contracts leads to his abandonment of
business and his return to full time hunting. He and Rebecca move to
present day Charleston, W.Va.
1795 – The family moves to Brush Fork in Kentucky
1797 – The Boone family is invited by Spanish Gov. to come to Missouri
1798 – Kentucky Assembly names a County for Boone and Mason County
issues a warrant for his arrest for debts.
- Family moves to a cabin at the mouth of the Little Sandy River on
the Ohio.
1799 – Boone leaves Kentucky for Missouri
1803 – Seriously injured in hunting accident; relocates with Rebecca to
cabin on the farm of his son Nathan.
- The Louisiana Purchase takes in his land grants from Spain
1806 – Boone appears before the Federal Land Comm. Seeking confirmation
of his Spanish Land Grant
1809 – His request is denied
1813 – Rebecca dies (3/18)
1814 – Congress grants Boone a tract of Missouri land
1820 – Daniel Boone dies near St. Louis on 9/26 and is buried near his
daughter Jemima’s farm
1845 – A delegation from Kentucky disinters the Boone Graves and reburies
the remains in Frankfort, Ky.